The first section of this web site features the work of Larry Bernstein as it appeared as part of the exhibit “The Cranbrook Connection”, a major show mounted by the University Museum at Southern Illinois University Carbondale from January through March, 2007.

“The Cranbrook Connection” was a group exhibit featuring five artists, including Bernstein, who received their MFA degrees from Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan at different times through the years 1953 - 1978 (see curators statement for the concept behind “The Cranbrook Connection”). The other four artists in the show were all working in a three- dimensional medium, so Bernstein was able to use all of the available wall space in the Faner North Gallery to present the works featured here.

The pages of text which precede the pictures provide important context. There are two main paintings. The drawings that helped generate them span a fifty-four year imcubation period. The installation photos will provide the viewer, as accurately as possible, with the experience of walking through Bernstein's section of the gallery and viewing the works in the most effective order. This would be to move counterclockwise, through the drawings and the small paintings to finally confront the two large paintings, Yahweh In Converse With Job and the companion piece Mexican Wedding.

Thank you for looking.

Larry Bernstein