Artist's Statement


Artist's Statement

Art has always been the handmaiden of religion and myth in carrying an unchanging message from our psyche, a message from our interior world to our consciousness. This message is eternally the same: it illuminates our concern for significance and meaning in our lives. It involves discovering, as direct experience, what we are, who we are, and where we fit into the plan of the cosmos. This is really the essential quest of everyone, our lifetime work.

I choose to believe that there is a healthy countermovement in the art world today to the notion of “making it” as an artist. The notion of “making it” has come to mean that it is the emerging artist's right to achieve notice and consequent fame and fortune by any means possible and with any image which is designed to gain some attention by the official art apparatus. The countermovement, of which I feel a part, holds that art is an important means of helping to heal the sick and jaded spirit of our schizoid and materialistic society.

If “Icons of Healing” are again available to ordinary people, then painting may once again be part of the regeneration process that may give positive direction to the spirit of our lost civilization on its path to finding itself.

I have slowly been given to realize that I want to conceive and create works dealing with images of creation, spiritual illumination and renewal, and the process and effects of psychological empowerment.

Larry Bernstein